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Barefoot Chardonnay 75cl

Barefoot Chardonnay 75cl

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Just a mention of Chardonnay evokes thoughts of the warm days of spring and summer, as well as bright and crisp autumnal evenings. This is a versatile, medium-bodied wine that’s perfect to enjoy when the weather is on the warm side - but this little beauty has year-round appeal!

Our Chardonnay wine has a stunning combination of flavours. Taste it, and the first thing that will strike you is the smoothness, swiftly followed by the sensation of honeyed peach and apple. Breathe it in, and your senses will embrace the gloriously sweet vanilla aroma.

Chardonnay White Wine is light and easy drinking, and in terms of pairing with food it matches superbly with fish. So, if you’re serving fish for dinner, Chardonnay will complement the dish very well - try it with fresh white fish, scallops, prawns and crab. Or, if it’s a special occasion, triumphantly serve it alongside oysters. Gorgeous!