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Holts Professional De-Icer 600ml

Holts Professional De-Icer 600ml

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De-icer is a must have for any driver, particularly in the UK with our unpredictable weather. Holts De-icer is developed and tested here in the UK for drivers like you, to make it easy to clear your windows and get you on the road quickly.

Holts De-Icer is a powerful aerosol which works down to -20ᵒC, removing frost quickly and easily without smearing. Make sure you keep a can in your vehicle or garage to ensure you’re always prepared for icy conditions. When the frost sets in simply spray onto your windows and Holts De-Icer will do the hard work for you.

  • Works down to -20ᵒC
  • Quickly clears frost, ice and snow
  • Fast acting, drive away quicker
  • Prevents dangerous refreeze
  • Paintwork safe